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IOL has been replaced by the IBM application Invoices. Please, click here to go to Invoices.

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  Welcome to Invoices On-Line® for IBM® developed by PAYBOX Corp.
With Invoices On-Line you are able to view your IBM invoices online 24 hours a day
  Invoices On-Line for IBM lets you see your invoices with your Internet browser, so you can eliminate paper if you choose, and take advantage of functions that allow you to view, print, route, download invoice information to a spreadsheet and create reports for your account. If you have a problem with your invoice or a question, you can create an electronic invoice inquiry while viewing your invoice at the same time. No longer do you have to pick up the phone and call someone for assistance. At login, you´ll be able to specify a customer number, invoice number (and optionally, a date range) to bring up a list of invoices that are associated to you, for your account and select one to view. When we´ve issued a new invoice you´ll receive an Email notification, so you can login to Invoices On-Line® and see it immediately.  
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